Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

By Cantor 

On my mind

At Lauds this morning, I found myself quite distracted. The more I chanted, the more distracted I became. By the time we arrived at the final psalm — the Praise Psalm — I was in no mood to praise anyone or anything, let alone the Lord who I knew was hearing every word going through my head!

Then something happened. We were a few verses into the psalm when I realized I was being swept along with it. The psalm and the chant had simply moved in and taken over my thoughts.. I was not overwhelmed by any large emotion, no “lightning bolt,” but rather a “still, small Voice” which was making itself heard through the chant.  That moment left me more able to ask God what was upsetting me, and for me to hear His answer. I am so grateful that He used the chant that way — to let me know what was really on my mind!

The Community of Jesus









Credit:Chants from a choirbook from Florence – Victoria and Albert Museum × 1500


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About Cantor

I have been a cantor for over 25 years and an organist for most of my life. Chanting with people at home and across the country is one of my greatest joys. I remember the days of staring at the section of our undergraduate music text thinking to myself "what are all those dots and WHY do I need to know about them?!" Now, 33 years later, I am so grateful that those "dots" have helped teach me many things about God and His love!

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  1. I started going to the Roman Catholic church back in 1999 when I became friends with a refugee from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I eventually joined the church in 2004 after RCIA for “the 3rd time is a charm”. He bought tape at a yard sale of chants. I have been so fond of them since. Thank you.

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