Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

The time to teach chant: NOW!
Over the course of the past six weeks, I have spoken with a number of people who are either sponsoring a chant “teaching event” or teaching one themselves. The sheer mixture of people is truly extraordinary; ranging from music teachers to folks who simply love chant and want to bring in a person to help them spread their enthusiasm for chant.

To these people, for all of your efforts and willingness, I say “thank you and God multiply your efforts!”  I find myself inspired by their creativity in how they plan to teach and their verve to make sure that their students have every possible aid to learn the chant. They set an example for all of us that the time for teaching chant is ever-present. One need not wait for a week-long series of seminars to teach (though those are indeed wonderful) — chant teaching can happen during a five minute talk prior to a Sunday prelude! My New Years prayer for all of us is that we might be so on fire to offer our love for chant to others, that our own creativity burgeons with ideas of how to do so!  
I have often quoted Mary Berry, and will do so again to close for this week: “You must pass this on!”
Blessed Epiphany!
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About Cantor

I have been a cantor for over 25 years and an organist for most of my life. Chanting with people at home and across the country is one of my greatest joys. I remember the days of staring at the section of our undergraduate music text thinking to myself "what are all those dots and WHY do I need to know about them?!" Now, 33 years later, I am so grateful that those "dots" have helped teach me many things about God and His love!

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