Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

by Cantor

A Treasure in our hands

Last evening, I had a marvelous opportunity to speak with a religious sister who does a great deal of work with chant both in her community and as a ready and willing research aid for others. We were sharing stories of how we got involved with chant and the rare opportunity chant has offered both of us in meeting such a vast range of people!
She relayed a story of a trip to Rome to visit “some of the great treasures of the church”. She noted to me that she told the group she was leading, “that with chant, we carry one of the greatest treasures of the church in our hands, in our mouths, and in our hearts”.
Advent, with all its extraordinary chants, is a marvelous time to remind ourselves of this treasure, and offer our best efforts in bringing that treasure to the church as a whole.

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