Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

Chant – God’s Love and Reminder!
A friend and colleague who primarily sells educational materials came over to my desk late yesterday afternoon to relay her most recent phone conversation. She had been offering a collection of religious education materials to a Director of Religious Education (DRE) in a Catholic church. As usual, my colleague was describing the materials to the DRE and was getting an interested but not overly excited response. The last item to be described was a recording entitled “The Chants of Angels”. At this point, the DRE interrupted the conversation – now with some amazement – because she had just been given that recording by a friend. You see, this DRE had been fighting cancer and her friend had given her that exact recording, hoping it would bring some peace into her life.
I am sure that many of us run into these “events” from time to time, with our own reaction of ‘WOW”!  I am sharing this story because the Lord also used it to remind me that others are suffering, that they need prayer AND that I never know how a person may be touched  by something such as chant. We say and hear so often that chant is first and foremost “sung prayer,” that this reminder from the Lord once again made me stop and ponder just how real that prayer actually is!
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
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I have been a cantor for over 25 years and an organist for most of my life. Chanting with people at home and across the country is one of my greatest joys. I remember the days of staring at the section of our undergraduate music text thinking to myself "what are all those dots and WHY do I need to know about them?!" Now, 33 years later, I am so grateful that those "dots" have helped teach me many things about God and His love!

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