Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

The Joy of Discovery
Dom Cardine was always clear to remind us that as we chant, we be careful not to lose ourselves in the details and forget the whole!  As we were rehearsing in our weekly Community rehearsal this afternoon, it was exactly those details — as viewed and responded to by many — that gave us a new view of the whole.
One of the great joys of chant is that as each of us works to learn to understand and develop a greater love for the chant, sharing it with others creates a new level of excitement as we uncover a collective interpretation. I say “uncover” because as everyone does their personal best to understand the neumes, the structure, and how these tools aid in illuminating the text, an interpretation develops that seems to have appeared as though it had always been there, just waiting to be brought to life. I hope you have equally exciting discoveries this week!

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