Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

by Sr Fidelis  
More about Solesmes
As the monks of Solesmes continued to gather and study ancient chant manuscripts, they were able to reconstruct the original melodies which had been changed and altered.  The books of that day contained a lot of “heavy, square notes”, with no indication of rhythmic nuance. By the 1880’s, the Solesmes monks began printing chant books based on the ancient sources. As always when there is a change, there was great controversy over the “new” versus the old “plainchant”.
In 1903, Pope Pius X authorized the monks to prepare editions of chant for the Mass for the entire Roman Catholic Church.  Along with the publishing of these books came a flowering of renewed interest in the chant, of teaching, scholarly debate, publishing, and recordings that spread throughout Europe and North America.





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