Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

by Sr Fidelis  
Title:  The Final Pair!

We’ve finally reached the SOL Modes – 7 and 8.  This week we’ll focus on Mode 7, which recites on RE, and has a Home Tone of SOL.


 If you listen to the SOL to SOL scale, you’ll discover it has a major sound, and with the exception of one interval (MI to FA), it is like the DO Scale that we all know so well.  How can this be?  It is because the modal scales are based on a series of whole and half steps in various positions.  The arrangement in the SOL scale is very much like that of the DO scale.

Try singing along using the solfege names.

The Mode 7 “snippet” is  the opening of a most beloved chant, “In Paradisum”, sung at the end of the Office of the Dead, while the casket of the deceased is taken from the Church.  It acts as a benediction at the end of the service.

Now listen to this antiphon in it’s entirety, followed by Psalm114, sung in Mode 7.

You should be able to hear the Reciting Tone, RE, because the majority of notes sung during each psalm verse are on that very note.


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