Gregorian Cantors travel from Cape Cod to Benedictine Abbey in Mission, British Columbia

We have just returned from a week at Westminster Abbey & the Seminary of Christ the King in Mission, BC, Canada, where two of us sisters taught a workshop on Gregorian Chant for the seminarians there.

It was a time of mutual sharing – taking part in their worship, their way of life, and sharing our experience with the Gregorian Chant from our community.  Starting with the common ground of many beloved and well-known pieces, we approached the chant from several different angles. We worked together in a classroom setting, at times in smaller groups and also brought the chant to life in their beautiful church.  In the end, the many aspects that we discussed still distilled down to some very simple points which can be said best by the Masters:

– Chant is a question of bringing forth the music which the words already contain.  Dom Jacques Hourlier

– Gregorian Chant is a music that is essentially sung speech.  Dom Eugene Cardine

Chant is like a garden….you visit it dozens of times, but always see something new and fresh!  Dr. Mary Berry

In addition to our time with the seminarians, we got to know many of the monks and gave one session with them as well as with the Highschoolers.  Coming away we were very enriched by all whom we met, worked and worshiped with.

Twice a year, we host a Gregorian Chant Retreat here at the Community of Jesus. In 2018 we will host retreats in March and again in August.

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