Give Us This Day

A few weeks ago, I heard a homily about how important it is to read the Bible. Probably every Christian has heard that before, but it is essential to keep the Bible alive in our daily lives.

Even though my Dad lived just down the road, on special events, he would write me letters on how he felt. Although my Dad died years ago, I still have some of these notes, cards, and letters from him. I now realize what a gift they are- they are so full of wisdom and love. It’s almost like there is a piece of my father that he has left behind for me to cherish, and pull out when I need it. It’s interesting because I see new things in them according to what my present need is.

The other day, I realized that these notes from my earthly father are quite similar to reading the Bible. The Bible also reminds me of how much I am loved. It is full of wisdom and teaches me who my Heavenly Father is. Even though the words are quite familiar, (some I know by heart), I see new things each time I read them according to what I need at that particular moment.

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