Forgiveness – An Antidote to Anger

My father has been gone for quite a while now, but I’m still learning things about him.

While I was growing up, I remember him as having quite a temper, and I’ve often wondered how he mellowed so as he aged. Recently, I was going through one of his Bibles, and a typed prayer, that had been sent to him from a friend, fell out.

It said, “Lord, You know how I am angry and hurt over what this person has done to me. I would like to make them suffer the way they have made me suffer. But I can’t be close to You and hold this anger at the same time and I want to be close to You more than I want to get even. I know You are always having to forgive me for how I wrong You and others around me, so I confess my pride to You, my haughtiness, and in Your Name and with Your Power, I forgive this person. I believe that You love them as much as You love me. Into Your hands I release them and the consequences of whatever they have done. Help me to continue to release them each time that I think about them. I desire Your peace and healing within my heart. In Your Name I ask this. Amen.”

The note went on to say, “Is it enough to pray this once, or twice, or seven times? Probably not. But you can be assured that before you have ever reached the 490th time (which is ‘seventy times seven’), you will be changed; you will be free of the anger; and you will see this person in a very different way. Hope this helps.”

What a gift to come upon such a powerful prayer. I have to think he must have prayed it often, for he was a changed person.

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