Follow the Lamb – Christmas Eve

Little lamb, little lamb show me the way.
I search for a child asleep on the hay.
I followed the shepherds, I followed a star.
Do you know, little lamb, is it yet very far?
I heard for a moment, a heavenly throng,
And followed the voices of sweet angel song.

Little lamb, lead me to life’s journey end,
To the one they call Jesus, the one I call friend.
Oh let me adore Him, and promise Him love
Oh let me adore Him, this child from above.
Little lamb, dearest lamb show me the way,
And gently I’ll kneel by His bed of fresh hay.

In the hush of the darkness I hear a faint cry,
I turn and I run toward a glow in the sky.
Just there, in a manger, so softly I tread
Just there, in a manger, I stroke His sweet head.
Joy to the Mother who gave the child birth,
Joy to all mankind and peace to all earth!


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