Feast of St. Joseph

Blessed St. Joseph, enkindle in our cold hearts a spark of your charity. May God be always the first and only object of our affections. Keep our souls always in sanctifying grace and, if we should be so unhappy as to lose it, give us the strength to recover it immediately by a sincere repentance. Help us to such a love of our God as will always keep us united to Him. Amen
— Excerpted from the “Novena to St. Joseph”

Quite ecumenical among the saints, St. Joseph is revered in the Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Church, Anglican Communion and among both Lutherans and Methodists.

Joseph accepted the responsibility of protecting Mary and being a father to Jesus in the face of circumstances that would distress even a man of such faith and obedience as he was. He is honored for the nurturing care and protection he provided for the infant Jesus and his mother, in taking them to Egypt to escape Herod, and in raising Jesus as a faithful Jew in Nazareth. He is considered the patron saint of the working man, because he not only worked with his hands but taught his trade to his son.

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