Feast Day of Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist December 27th

Today we celebrate the life of a great man become saint, John, Apostle and Evangelist. From the shores of Galilee to the Isle of Patmos, Saint John is remembered for many things in his life, not the least of which are his writings. Below we share a small sampling of the many things that have been written to honor St. John’s legacy through hymns, poems or prayers:

O St. John, with chains for thy wages,
Strong thy rock where the storm-blast rages,
Rock of refuge, the Rock of Ages.
— Christina Rossetti

Lord, and what shall this man do
Ask thou, Christian, for thy friend?
If his love for Christ be true,
Christ hath told thee of his end:
This is he whom God approves,
This is he whom Jesus loves.
        — Rev. John Keble

He was disciple, evangelist,
Apostle, prophet, what he list;
To him, His most darling friend
Jesus His mother did commend;
Then let St. John be loved by us,
Who was beloved by our Jesus.
— Thomas Wall

O Light Incarnate! Son of God!
Shed Thy bright Birthday beams
Upon our Church, upon our hearts,
In Sacramental streams;
And while we hail Thy Christmas-tide
With solemn Eucharist,
Accept our loving thanks and praise
For Thine Evangelist.
John the Divine, whose doctrine glows
As crystal in the sun, —
Translucent with the Light of Light,
The Incarnate Holy One;
His first Apocalypse he saw
In Patmos’ sacred isle,
And now he stands, enwrapt, entranced
In God’s eternal smile.
— Miss Geneviève Irons


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