February 11, 2016 all-day

The name of St. Benedict of Nursia is known throughout the Western world, but little is known of his sister, St. Scholastica. We do know that when Benedict founded his monastery at Monte Cassino in Italy, Scholastica founded a house of sisters nearby, following the same rules and guidelines that her brother laid down for his monks. Although they lived so close to each other, they visited only once a year to talk over things of the Spirit.

Gregory the Great tells us that on Benedict’s last visit, Scholastica pleaded with him to stay longer than usual, but the old monk was determined to return to his cell at the appointed hour. In desperation, Scholastica prayed for rain to block his return. There followed such a violent storm that Benedict could not return home until the following day.
Two days later, Scholastica died, and looking toward her house from his mountaintop monastery, Benedict saw a white dove ascending to heaven, and knew that it was the sign of her death and the rising of her spirit to God.