Hilda, Abbess of Whitby

November 18, 2017 all-day

The Venerable Bede summed up Abbess Hilda’s life this way, “Hilda’s career falls into two equal parts, for she spent thirty three years nobly in secular habit, while she dedicated an equal number of years still more nobly to the Lord, in the monastic life.” Hilda founded the abbey at Whitby, East Anglia, UK, where both nuns and monks lived in strict obedience to Hilda’s rule. This helped establish an historic precedence for the make-up of our Community. Hilda combined the two halves of her training when she was chosen to lead the famous Synod of Whitby (AD 663), which decided in favor of the Roman Benedictine tradition over the local Celtic Benedictine tradition, thus preserving the church in the British Isles.