Cyril, Monk & Methodius, Bishop, Missionaries

February 14, 2017 all-day
Cyril, Monk & Methodius, Bishop, Missionaries

Cyril (Constantine) and Methodius were brothers who became “apostles to the Slavic peoples” in the ninth century. They were raised in a rich and scrupulously orthodox family in Thessalonica, educated, and each became successful in the world. Cyril was a professor in Constantinople before becoming a monk. With his brother, he was sent by the emperor as a missionary first to the Kahzars north of the Black Sea and then to Moravia, where Cyril invented the Slavonic alphabet (Cyrillic) and thus became the founder of Slavonic literature.
After Cyril’s death, Methodius was made an arch-bishop by Pope Hadrian II and sent back to Serbia where he championed Slavonic liturgy against the bitter attacks of those supporting Latin liturgy.