Boniface, Missionary & Martyr

June 5, 2018 all-day

Saint Boniface
June 5
Anglican Communion and Eastern Orthodox churches. Boniface, born Wynfrid, in circa 675, Wessex, England, became a leading missionary in Europe, specifically to Germany and though out the Frankish Empire.  Educated at the English monasteries of Exeter and Nursling, he pursued his calling first as a monk and then as an ordained priest. His first missionary work began in 716, when he traveled to Frisia, a coastal region in the Netherlands. Unwelcomed by the local ruler, he was forced to return to England. There, Pope Gregory II changed his name to Boniface and urged him to continue his mission East of the Rhine. Deemed the “Apostle to the Germans” and the Patron Saint of Brewers and Tailors (as well as Germany), Boniface was martyred in 754 by Frisian robbers, as he read Scripture to Christian converts on Pentecost Sunday.