Anthony, Monk in Egypt

January 17, 2018 all-day

St. Antony of Egypt (251‒356!!) is considered to be the father of Christian monasticism. As a wealthy young man he heard God’s call through the words of Jesus to the rich young ruler, “Go, sell all that you have, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.” Without hesitating, young Antony obeyed. He arranged for his younger sister to be cared for, sold his possessions, gave his money to the poor, and went out into the Egyptian desert to live as a hermit.
After years of surviving through a disciplined prayer life, manual labor, and reading in solitude, word of his holy life spread throughout the desert and beyond. Even emperors sought him out for advice, and a community of monks gathered to take advantage of Antony’s wisdom and pioneering example.