By Sr. Spero

When we were weeding, a friend said, “Too bad when you weed there’s more dirt exposed so more weeds can get in.” That was a new thought for me, but I agree that there’s nothing better for an airborne seed than a fresh patch of dirt. It reminds me of that Scripture I never understood—the parable of the unclean spirit who finds a house all swept clean and goes and brings in seven more unclean spirits, making the condition worse (Luke 11:24–26). Does this mean we don’t weed? I don’t think so. But it means that when I’m making my garden beautiful, I’m also making it vulnerable.

Beauty and vulnerability go together. And this is true for the spiritual life. As we get rid of our own weeds (selfishness, hate, jealousy), we becomes more beautiful, but also more vulnerable. What’s the solution? There’s only one. Prayer.


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