Dawn of Hope

The babe leapt in Elizabeth’s womb at the greeting of Mary. Beneath the simple meeting of cousins lay the meeting of babes. The baby John knew, who was coming into the world. It must have been very hard for Mary to have heard the angel, and yielded herself to the overshadowing of God in a way that broke the boundaries of her own understanding. But she moved out on the promise, perhaps even in the seeking of fellowship with her cousin; who was also way out of her rational bounds in having a child in old age, beyond her childbearing years.
I find it hard to understand what God is doing at times in my own life. It is much easier to see His hand at work in the situations of others. My life is not straight lines, but crooked ones. I feel the fluctuations in my motivation; the wanting and the not wanting. I take some comfort in the natural movements of earth. The days are now growing longer. First in seconds, then minutes, and finally hours. It will be quite some time before the changes are easily observable. But I have been through this natural process before, and I know I can count on Spring arriving. And so in my inner life, I try to look deeper than my own feelings. And deeper than my own thoughts. I try to acknowledge that leap inside me when I think about the love of God. That movement, like a stream inside me, which is constant, and bringing me to a  place where my longings will be satisfied.
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About Blue Heron

My wife and I became members of the Community in 1975. We had come to the Community prior to that time on various retreats from our church in Connecticut. I landed an elementary teaching career in 1976 and taught in that same school until 1999. We raised two sons (now married) who are both now professed members of the Community. We have three grandchildren and three granddogs. I continue to work in the public school teaching science on a part time basis, and also serve as advisor and part time teacher for a group of parents who homeschool in the Community. My wife works as a dental assistant. Life in the Community has expanded my borders far beyond what I would have imagined. Over the years I have sung with the choir, participated in Gregorian Chant, served as chalice bearer, made stained glass, been part of a writing group, built sets for Gilbert and Sullivan productions and sung in them. The list goes on. I cannot think of a better environment to raise a child. And I cannot think of any place that would have challenged more, and kept me moving forward as a Christian father and husband. I have been over my head and lifted above the waters. I am looking back in gratitude, and forward in hope.

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