Daily Bread

From Today's Office
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God.

Psalm 143:10a
Turn aside from every wicked thought and seek me more faithfully and more frequently as your day goes on. Weariness comes, not from fighting, but from surrendering to the blandishments of the adversary.

—Hal M. Helms, Echoes of Eternity
Prayer of the Day for Eucharist

Heavenly Father, the widow gave not out of her abundance but out of the totality of all she had. It is easy for me to give praise and thanks and glory to you when I am feeling strong and happy. But what of when I have little or nothing—am depressed or disappointed? Lord Jesus, help me to see that these are the times when giving you praise and affirming your goodness count the most. Amen.

Cloister Reading