Compassion and the Cross

By Faithful Finch

Recently, I’ve been struggling with my lack of compassion for others. I’ve been frustrated with myself, and have been talking to the Lord about it. He told me that I also have a lack of compassion for myself, and if I begin there, it may be easier to have compassion for others. He told me if I really knew how much He loved me and accepted me, my problems in the area of lack of compassion would quickly clear up.

I recently read that in the Hindu tradition, they find it important to behold the Divine and allow themselves to be fully seen. Many Hindus visit the temples not to see God, but to allow God to gaze upon them, warts and all, and then to join how God sees us, which is always with unconditional love and compassion.

The scripture about taking the log out of my own eye before trying to help remove the speck out of my neighbors always has bothered me, but after letting the concept of allowing myself to be seen and loved for just “me”, the log turns into just my weakness, my sin, my need for Christ, which morphs it from a log to a cross.


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