Come, It’s Time to Worship God

By Faithful Friar
One of the primary functions of our “100 plus” foot Bell Tower is to signal our Community that it is time to gather together and worship the Lord. We are part of a centuries old stream of Church tradition, calling the people of God to worship with the tolling of bells.  It is appropriate that the steady rhythm of our daily offices should be summoned by the steady tolling of a bell. Fifteen minutes before each service of Midday and Vespers offices (Evensong on Saturdays), a single bell is tolled 40 times.
It is said this tradition began in Monastic houses in the early centuries of Christianity, St. Martin of Tours perhaps being the first to build a tower with large bells, like our own, in the 4th century. As we grow with our own bells, I feel certain our commitment to this time-honored practice will root us more firmly in our calling to the worship of God.tower2
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About Faithful Friar

I am a 20+ year member of the Community of Jesus Brotherhood, so I live in the Friary with the other vowed brothers along with any novices or combination of guest/ resident men – young or old – who may be with us at any given time. Our vows are the same as any simple or solemnly professed Community member, with the addition of consecrated celibacy and poverty. I moved here shortly out of high school to study music for a summer. At the end of that summer I chose to stay here as a CJ member. Shortly thereafter I knew another change was needed, and asked to be accepted into the brotherhood first as a postulant, later as a novice. My life in the Brotherhood involves a variety of occupations, but they are centered on the continual service of prayer and praise in our church and on the outreach ministries springing from that service. This means manual labor as well as ongoing study and training: theological, musical, technical/ scientific, artistic, historical, philosophical, etc. Sometimes this involves teaching others, so that is part of our life too. It’s a life of poverty and yet full of hidden riches.

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