Christmas in Cameroon

Christmas in Cameroon this year included a feast for over 100, festive tree decorations, carol singing, but also one very special addition, a beautiful nativity made from banana leaves.

Sr. Hannah created a lovely creche scene and Sr. Victoria and the postulants at the convent made paper chains and paper dolls as well as swags of cypress branches and red coffee beans. The cypress Christmas tree, brought by a Muslim friend had fresh banana leaf and orange ornaments!

Food preparations were extensive and began at 4 am as over 100 people were expected at the convent for a Christmas feast, along with Sr. Jane Mankaa and children from the orphanage.

Click below to see the video of one of the postulants practicing for Christmas. The postulants are learning new carols they have never heard before and playing the piano!

From Sr. Hannah:
We got a real tree, added paper boy and girl cut-outs, paper chains, real oranges and banana leaf flowers. And that would have been OK, for nature lovers. But for children? Wait, yes, the children brought lights and ornaments so the tree became transformed and a really joyful sight for us and all the visitors. 


Then the three Postulants, keen to learn music, had just a few days to learn words and chords, and we all sang new (to them) carols at our Christmas Eve service. Songs we know but with much meaning, in the newness of the Birth we were celebrating. 


Way back in early summer we saw a felled stump, and designs for possible manger crept in. Then simple creche figures were made from banana leaves. Here in the silence we worshipped and felt close to the real Bethlehem. 

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