Chant’s Voice For Today

by Sr. Fidelis
Our Sunday Eucharist this past Sunday was in honor and memory of the 15th Anniversary of the tragedies of September 11, 2001. The Alleluia chanted by one of our women’s scholas was simply the one for the current week, from Psalm 101, vs. 16:

Alleluia, alleluia. Vs. The nations will fear your name, O Lord, and all the kings of the earth your glory. Alleluia.

When our pastor reminded us that the more than 3,000 people lost that day came from the vast span of 93 different nations, I was awestruck at this text which speaks of ALL nations fearing God and his glory. How incredible it was to hear this chant growing ever stronger over the text “thy glory.” It was as though in the midst of such a remembrance we were being reminded that God is still ever- and all- present for all of us at all times and in all of our circumstances. I continue to be amazed that chant gives such a voice to God’s word, especially on such an occasion as was this one!
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I am 46 years old, and have been a Sister at the Community of Jesus for 26 years. Having grown up here, I have been singing Gregorian chant since I was 10! I was very blessed to study Gregorian chant with Dr. Mary Berry in Cambridge, England and here at home. Recently, I have been able to do some radio and tv interviews, sharing about the blessings of Gregorian chant. I love leading chant workshops, and have been able to do that in the US and abroad.

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