by Sr Nunother            

We greet Christmas with fresh cut evergreen trees covered in bright lights and colorful ornaments. Holly and pine branches brighten mantels and archways, as candles glow in every window. Like shepherds of old, we honor a newborn king. And, with the angels, sing carols of praise and adoration. We call Him wonderful, Counselor, and Prince of Peace. He is all these things and more. But the true essence, the heart of Christmas, lies in a rustic manger, tended by Mary, Joseph and the animals that loaned their bed. He is first and always Love. A blessed Christmas!

Traveling Prayers

 by Melodius Monk

For many years, one of my favorite prayers has been the Rosary. Recently I find I’m especially drawn to it when traveling. I’m not sure why, but when packing for a trip, I always remember to grab my Rosary. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to pray, and the rhythm and consistency of the Rosary puts me at ease. There’s also something about having the Rosary in my hand that helps me to pray. Sure it’s only a small bead rolling between my fingers, but I’m aware, and surprised at the security this gives me. It reminds me that there is something solid to put my hope in today, even if I feel shaky.