Calming the Storm

by Faithful Finch

This week, the fresco in our church of “the calming of the storm” seemed to be calling to me, begging for me to stop and take a little time to look at it. I thought about the storm within myself, and the need for Jesus to calm my restless heart. Looking at the fresco, I observed that some disciples appear to be only concentrating on the waves, and the storm, (their troubles), and actually are turning their backs on Jesus.

They made a choice to believe their problem was larger than His love for them. In the fresco, the others appear to be choosing hope, simply by turning in His direction, opening themselves up to Him, and keeping their eyes on Him, even if they are unsure of what He is able to do. I love the way Jesus’s hands are stretched out, almost like a precursor of the crucifix, connecting our concerns to the Father. How silly that I don’t let Him calm my heart more often.

"Calming the Storm" fresco by Silvestro Pistolesi, in the Church of the Transfiguration

“Calming the Storm” fresco by Silvestro Pistolesi at the Church of the Transfiguration

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