Bloom Where You’re Planted

I love living and gardening on a seashore. One thing that is constant is change–the light, the colors, seasons, tides–always changing, but always beautiful. I’m getting older and I need to remember that change is good, to be flexible and go with the flow, not demanding the status quo.

Some plants won’t grow next to the sea, things that don’t like salt air and wind. Rosa Rugosa isn’t one of them–they are in full bloom–a brilliant red undimmed by the gray fog creeping across the flats. Light and beauty can shine even in the darkness of a day dimmed by sorrow.




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About Gardening Gran

The first time I heard Mother Cay and Mother Judy speak was in 1972 at St Paul's Church in Darien, Connecticut. M. Cay talked about seeing a bright full moon, big and beautiful in the sky above. She thought, the moon doesn't generate light by itself -- it is all reflected light from the sun, and that is how we are supposed to be--reflecting the Light of the Son. That led to many retreats at the Community, one in Bermuda, a pilgrimage to England and Scotland, and finally building a house and moving to Cape Cod in 1980. I was privileged to have been on the Liturgy Committee for the first planning sessions for the Church, and to see it grow from seeds of ideas, into what it is now. Through the years here I have enjoyed writing, studying chant (and being glad that I had taken three years of Latin in school), working as the General Manager for Paraclete Television and Video, leading Shadow Tours when the choir travelled the world, and serving as President and a development officer for Gloriae Dei Artes Foundation. I like to do all kinds of needlework, read, paint landscapes, garden, play tennis, swim, watch the Red Sox, and be outdoors. What a loving God--to plant me in such a beautiful place, on a beach next to Cape Cod Bay!

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