Before They Call, I Will Answer

It’s been over a week since we celebrated Pentecost, and I find myself wondering what it must have been like for the disciples to have lived so intimately with Jesus, and then experience his loss. 

The other day, I was hurrying through the Cloister, mentally rehearsing my “to-do list”, when I happened to actually look at one of the column stone sculptures — St. Scholastica in the posture of prayer.  The amazing thing about this carving is the dove who actually embraces her.  This is no delicate creature, but a strong, all- encompassing dove. There is such a sense of intimacy in this carving.   It struck me that this is how near and how present the Holy Spirit is – every day – all the time.  Before they call, I will answer.


One thought on “Before They Call, I Will Answer

  1. So interesting to read this about the dove on her as about a week or so ago I noticed the same thing. I thought – gosh has that dove been there all this time? then I looked at the other 3 corner pillars and there is a dove on each of those saints, but done differently. There is lots to see that we have never seen before.

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