Bee Alive

by Sr Nunother  

Recently, as I served breakfast to a guest, he politely asked, “So what happens here on Saturday morning?”  I assumed he referred to the stream of people hurrying by the window with shovels, brooms, garden carts, ladders and paint cans.

“Oh, that’s work crew”, I answered.  “There’s a job for everyone, from folding church bulletins and jam making, to mowing grass and renovating buildings. 

He replied that it looked just like a beehive.  Exactly!  Beehive is the name given to our Saturday morning endeavor and I was glad he made the analogy. The conversation led me to do a little research and I found these significant facts:  1. Honey bees are altruistic social insects that band together for the good of all;  2. The basis for division of labor within a hive is the age of the worker and is designed to prolong life;  3. Hives continue to develop and survive as long as every member functions well at his/her particular tasks.  It occurred to me that the beehive is a living symbol of I Corinthians 12, the scripture that speaks of the interdependence of the parts of the body of Christ and the necessity of all.


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About Sr. Nun Other

May 16, 2012, completed my 30th year as a Sister. It was both a milestone and just another day in an interesting journey. Some of those thirty years included singing with Gloriae Dei Cantores, marching in Spirit of America band, and serving on our Sisters Council. As a monastic, I live surrounded by beauty and within a frame work of opportunity and possibility. I'm sixty-four (much to my surprise) and extremely grateful for my life as a sister - past, present, and future.

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