About Sunset Septuagint

Our family moved to the Community in 1971, when there were only 25 members. Now at 73 years old, I have been blessed `seeing the Community grow to more than ten times its size, and my oldest of four granddaughters about to graduate from Rock Harbor Academy. One of my greatest joys is being a Docent for the Church and sharing the blessing that visitors experience here. I am also privileged in helping to arrange tours for several of the Gloriae Dei Artes performing groups. I love to garden and paint, and occasionally I am privileged to sing with the Choir for its larger works.

Docents: Tour Guides for the Church

To be a Docent in our Church is like sharing Christmas on every tour. When visitors come through the Church doors, and experience the mosaics, frescoes, sculpture, the organ. . . they receive a gift of the love of God in a deep way. Their surprise and wonder is a big gift in return.  Many times I have struggled through a hard day, and then find myself smiling with joy as I share the church with what were once strangers and have now become friends in Christ.


Moxie Musings

What’s in a name?  When we got our dog Moxie at age 7 months, I decided ahead of time not to change her kennel name – whatever it might be.  I was delighted with her given name – Moxie!  She has all the “moxie” of my Jewish relatives.  God picked the perfect name for her and the perfect dog for us! What’s in your name?  Mine means foreigner…….not bad considering we are all strangers in a foreign land until we find our home in Jesus!


Memories Relived

Last Friday night I attended opening night of  “The Dining Room” presented by Elements Theatre Company. Actually it is my sister-in-law’s dining room – but it could have been my dining room – or your dining room.  Sr. Danielle (Grace) could have been my mother (wow — did that bring back memories as I re-lived the reactions of her daughter Carolyn). Brad Lussier could have been my own “Father Knows Best”. The audience (who also played a role in this play) reacted in many different ways. Sometimes what felt very painful to me made other people laugh. Like reading a great book, I find myself thinking of the people in the Dining Room as real friends.