Learning the Art of Sharing  

Yesterday a friend asked me if I had plans for this Summer, a lovely thought in the middle of all this ice and snow. As it happens, I am planning a bit of extra bell ringing for Summer. She had never heard of change ringing and I suddenly found myself attempting to explain bell ringers, without pictures, or any context. I suppose that is no small task, but I’m not sure I did a very good job explaining the art of ringing. In my head I had all the ins and outs of Grandsire Caters from practice last week (…one blow in 3rds then in to lead, dodge up to 5ths, dodge down to 4ths, etc….), meanwhile, as I notice her eyes glazing over and I hear the word “algorithms” coming out of my mouth, realizing, I ought to mention about bell towers, and handling and ringers pulling ropes attached to bells, and celebrating after services, and, and, and…so much to share! In the end, I’m not sure I quite got the picture across, but, I knew she could tell I was excited for Summer ringing plans, and that I really love ringing. Maybe it was a good explanation after all.

Church of the Transfiguration Angel in the Winter Sky from Cape Cod Bay

Happenings at GIK

It was a great day at GIK today (Gifts-in-Kind). I’m asking for donations of what we need to make a life-sized creche. It will replace our old one (see the picture), and have the Holy Family, magi, camels, angels, shepherds, sheepand some day an elephant! I’m excited because the trickle of donations should soon be a river. I’ve called potential donors all over the country, and many have asked for emails of our plans. I’ll keep you posted.