“What deep bond links monasticism and the arts? Monasticism in fact renders ‘visible’ and ‘tangible’ a particular intensity of Christian life, for the monk wants to be, like Christ, an icon or image of God’s beauty, and the monastery is that place in which, with the help of like-minded brethren, this human ‘artwork’ can be brought to perfection—a sort of atelier of the soul.” (Timothy Verdon, Vita Sorgiva e Fede Creativa)

Monasteries have always been hosts to the making of art. The life of the monastery cultivates a climate of rich creativity, giving color and form to the faith of the members and nurturing all manner of sacred art. When Jesus called men and women to follow him, he also sent them forth to be his witnesses, to proclaim the Good News of God’s grace in word and deed.

“Through the arts, which are so closely associated with the Incarnation, the Community works diligently to proclaim the Word of God in tangible forms. Goodness, truth, and beauty are given expression through sanctified human labor.” (Rule of Life, Chapter 2)

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YouTube Channel:

Organ Church of the Transfiguration 
An introduction to the museum-quality restoration and construction of the organ at the Church of the Transfiguration, Cape Cod, MA.

Sanctuary Floor Mosaic
Watch the creation of the floor mosaic from original painted drawings; to studios in Ravenna, Italy; and installation on Cape Cod, MA.

Frescos Church of the Transfiguration
Silvestro Pistolesi from Florence, Italy, and members of the Community of Jesus Fresco Guild paint buon frescoes (true frescoes) for the Church of the Transfiguration, Orleans, MA.

Church of the Transfiguration West Wall Glass
The design and fabrication of the glass sculpture on the west wall at the Church of the Transfiguration, Cape Cod, MA.