An Epiphany of Thought

by Sr Nunother  

On Epiphany Sunday, our congregation sang the carol We Three Kings. I was rather enjoying my own vocal rendition, when a spark of new understanding intervened: the gifts were not presented just this once, but many times over. Our lives mirror the three gifts. Those whose journey is  most defined by grief and sorrow offer myrrh, others frankincense through sincere prayers, praise and a love for life. And in the very gifted, I see gold — rich voices raised in song, words well placed or spoken, or an artist’s sculpted inspiration.  We give everything we are, and yet we give nothing that isn’t already His.


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About Sr. Nun Other

May 16, 2012, completed my 30th year as a Sister. It was both a milestone and just another day in an interesting journey. Some of those thirty years included singing with Gloriae Dei Cantores, marching in Spirit of America band, and serving on our Sisters Council. As a monastic, I live surrounded by beauty and within a frame work of opportunity and possibility. I'm sixty-four (much to my surprise) and extremely grateful for my life as a sister - past, present, and future.

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