by Renaissance Girl

I stood outside this weekend welcoming guests who were coming for our Advent Teas, Bake Shop and Advent Service of Lessons and Carols. It reminded me why Advent is my favorite season. It’s not the shopping and sales and pressure to get all the right things. It’s the feeling of hope – the anticipation of something good being on its way, something that will change your life for the better. I could see it on people’s faces and it moved and inspired me – an open, child-like expectancy. Not frivolous but confident.
One woman came up to see the life-sized nativity with her 3-year old son. After spending some moments with the shepherds, we walked into the church. An almost inaudible “oh boy” escaped him and it was like watching a child in a toy store. He ran around exploring and touching mosaics, the bronze bowls of the font – full of questions and exclamations – seeing everything for the first time. Maybe this is what this season is about – letting go of the pressures and expectations we have on ourselves and our families, and being open to a new and hope-filled expectation of the one who is coming to save us.

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