“Accidental” Orchestra

Beneath my feet the steady crunching of the stones on the path beside the south side of the church creates a consistent rhythm as I head toward my office. The notes of someone practicing scales on the organ seeps through the church stone wall.  A cacophony of bird songs reaches across the marsh sounding as though they are rehearsing for a concert. Drifting from the practice area in the underground area of the Chapter House a young person is playing melodic exercises on a marimba. We are all part of a symphony; we are all part of a plan. God is the conductor!

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About Chaptergrams

Originally from Frederick, Maryland, I was born in 1946 - a classic Baby Boomer. I have been married and widowed twice, have three daughters, and two grandsons. Jesus Christ became a reality in my life through a televised Billy Graham crusade in 1974. Because both of my husbands were in the military, I had the good fortune to live in many states and overseas. I sensed a call to the Community of Jesus in 1975 but didn’t move here until 1989. Two of my daughters are vowed members of CJ and one daughter is married and living in Maryland. I am also fortunate to have two grandsons who live here as well. After working at Paraclete Press for almost 17 years, I am now the Steward of the Chapter House and also work for Spirit of America. The Chapter House is a busy place as it houses rehearsal and practice rooms, the music library, and the Chapter Room. I also serve as a Docent and an Oblate Director. Soon I will be a mentor to one of our youth in our new Christian Ed program. I enjoy growing herbs, trying different foods on the grill, bright colors, reading, cold weather, the wind, hummingbirds, chant and Yo-Yo Ma.

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