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The word oblate comes from a Latin word which means “to offer.” Dedicating one’s life to God in association with a community, even while living outside that community, is a long-practiced tradition in Benedictine monasticism.

Oblates of the Community of Jesus:
– “offer” themselves to God as men and women who, drawn to the monastic life, nevertheless must live that life outside of the Community itself;

– establish a personal bond with the Community of Jesus

– agree to the principles and purposes of the Community of Jesus as expressed in the Rule of Life;

– apply the principles of the Rule of Life to their daily personal, family, and business lives;

– participate in the life of the Community of Jesus insofar as they are able and especially in those programs that are designed specifically for Oblates;

– commit to participate in a program of formation for Oblates of the Community;

– seek ways to support the life and ministry of the Community;

– represent to the world the values that are inherent to their oblation.

The Oblate Covenant is a public and liturgical expression of this commitment:

I, ____________, for the glory of God, do solemnly promise and covenant before God and these witnesses, to live faithfully as an Oblate of the Community of Jesus, God being my helper. I ask Jesus to use this promise to further the work of sanctification in me, that I may be wholly his. May the Holy Spirit assist me to fulfill this promise faithfully.

If you would like to learn more about the Community of Jesus, what it means to be an Oblate here, or if you would be interested in making a retreat, please contact: [email protected].