A Welcome Surprise

I recently had the privilege of singing Schubert’s Ave Maria at my nephew’s wedding, at the Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. It was a beautiful and moving service in a number of ways, one of which was the wholehearted participation in the Mass by the many young men. From the start it seemed that they all had a strong bond and some history together. But it also felt like something beyond the normal post-college camaraderie – a certain shared unity, strength and commitment.  As an example, at one point during the prayer of consecration I noticed the man next to me raising his hands in quiet praise. Then a few moments later it all came into focus when he reached over to take my hand as the Lord’s Prayer began.  As I looked around all of them were joining hands as well.

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About Blu's Brother

I arrived here in 1972, and became one of the first two brothers in 1974, when the community was very small. These forty years have been filled with challenges, changes, growth and maturation, with all the inevitable ups and downs of life. I've always loved singing in a group, have been greatly blessed to have been in Gloriae Dei Cantores for many years. I’m also passionate about the study and singing of Gregorian chant. I have a dog - or rather the brotherhood has a dog - named Blu, for which I am the caretaker. Blu and I seem to have a lot in common – for instance, we both think our way is the best way. Other things I really enjoy are hard work, jogging, the God-bless-'em Red Sox and New England Patriots, our own Spirit of America Band, being with my 25 brothers, listening to top notch singing, and reading good poetry - or anything else particularly well written.

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