A Step Beyond Logic

by Sr Nunother  

I’m not the most inquisitive person in the world and therefore, until yesterday, never questioned why Christ’s baptism is celebrated in January, just after his birth. We know from scripture that Jesus was baptized not as an infant, but as a young man, just prior to beginning his public ministry. Logically, I would have left a few months between the celebrations of birth and baptism to emphasize the age difference. I decided to research the date choice for this important feast and discovered its symmetry. There are four major epiphanies or revelations of God to man: the Birth of Jesus, which revealed Christ to Israel; the visit of the Magi, who represent the Gentiles; the Baptism of the Lord, which unveiled the Trinity; and soon to come, the wedding miracle at Cana, manifesting Christ’s transformation of the world. These four events create a perfect circle with God’s love at its center. 




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