A New Years Hymn

sby Melodius Monk  

The Christmas season is full of all types of carols and hymns. Many of these songs’ texts we sing every year, but among the refrains and verses we know by heart, are some beautiful images. I’ve strung together a few of these phrases from well known songs; phrases that had me pause. I hope I can hang on to their substance and discover more of their mystery going into this new year. My hope for this year is to live life not being afraid to love! A Happy New Year to everyone!

Who then shall stir in this darkness?
God will give himself into our lives
Meek souls will receive him
Where charity stands watching
and faith holds wide the door,
Bringing God’s love and power.

O Renew us, Lord, we pray
with thy spirit day by day
Let every heart prepare him room
This child, this little helpless boy,
shall be our confidence and joy!

O Hush the noise and cease your strife
He comes to make his blessings flow
He calls you one and calls you all
He hath opened heaven’s door.


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About Melodius Monk

I'm 30 years old, and I grew up at the Community of Jesus. My parents moved from Ohio to live at the Community two years before I was born, so with the exception of a few years at college, I’ve lived in the Community my whole life. I became a Novice Brother in 2003, and made my profession as a brother in 2005. Currently I have a pretty varied life as a brother. In addition to daily responsibilities in our liturgies, I cook, sing, play trumpet, and am responsible for various cleaning and maintenance needs in the church building (my favorite jobs is changing the light bulbs at 45 feet!) I also arrange transportation for brothers to various appointments, work on repairing musical instruments, clean the barn, give tours of the church, make the weekly food menu for the Friary, and help out with various other needs as they arise around the Community. Growing up, I was not particularly interested in the religious life, but I met Jesus at an inter-varsity fellowship meeting my second year in college, and that re-directed my life drastically. I feel very fortunate to have found my life’s calling, and the hope for more wholeness is what keeps me on my monastic journey on difficult days.

One thought on “A New Years Hymn

  1. Thank you, Melodius Monk for this New Years song. Each line, some familiar, pops out and makes the meaning so real.

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