A Dream Come True

by Sister Victoria

This past Saturday marked a special occasion in the village of Bafut, Cameroon. Although school began in September, Good Shepherd Academy, a boarding school, was at last officially opened — a dream now realized after much prayer, and hard work of fundraising and construction!

It was a festive affair, attended by many dignitaries of Cameroon, and guests from America, representing the American architectural firm employed for the task, and those who were instrumental in raising the funds.

We enjoyed various songs and cultural dances performed by the students, as well as inspirational speeches, promising a top notch education and a brighter future for children of Cameroon.

In preparation for this event and to honor the American guests, I had the pleasure of teaching the students “America the Beautiful.”

What a joy to share with such enthusiastic young people!

Sr. Victoria teaches the students of the Good Shepherd Academy in Bafut, Cameroon, "America the Beautiful"

3 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. Great photo. So proud of you. God is using you there as we have all prayed. Lots of love,
    U.Frank and A, Barbara

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