Moments of Time

By Melodious Monk
Racing through my day, trying to be efficient and incessantly worrying about getting all of my to-do list done (which of course must happen now!), a beautiful moment unexpectedly dropped in my lap – one in which I nearly ran by. Kneeling in the garden to grab some ever-growing weeds, another brother walked up behind me and pointed out a bird that had just landed on its bath, about my head’s height, just four feet behind me. I turned and the bird just stared, and stayed, and splashed around, and still stayed – and splashed some more, and looked back at us, not embarrassed, or scared. We kept talking and working and the bird stayed, splashing and resting and walking around the rim, perfectly content that I was just an arm’s length away. It was a moment that seemed to suspend time with absolute clarity. I smiled at the wonder of this little creature, and for a moment I forgot about my worries. It was probably only seconds in temporal time, but there was enough grace in that moment to remind me to keep my head up and eyes wide open to a God much bigger then my efforts can comprehend.


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About Melodius Monk

I'm 30 years old, and I grew up at the Community of Jesus. My parents moved from Ohio to live at the Community two years before I was born, so with the exception of a few years at college, I’ve lived in the Community my whole life. I became a Novice Brother in 2003, and made my profession as a brother in 2005. Currently I have a pretty varied life as a brother. In addition to daily responsibilities in our liturgies, I cook, sing, play trumpet, and am responsible for various cleaning and maintenance needs in the church building (my favorite jobs is changing the light bulbs at 45 feet!) I also arrange transportation for brothers to various appointments, work on repairing musical instruments, clean the barn, give tours of the church, make the weekly food menu for the Friary, and help out with various other needs as they arise around the Community. Growing up, I was not particularly interested in the religious life, but I met Jesus at an inter-varsity fellowship meeting my second year in college, and that re-directed my life drastically. I feel very fortunate to have found my life’s calling, and the hope for more wholeness is what keeps me on my monastic journey on difficult days.

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