I am embarrassed to say it hit me yesterday that Christmas is what it’s all about. Of course, I’ve known it to some extent but yesterday, for some reason, out of the clear blue, it was an “aha! moment.”  This day, with its month-long advertising lead up, its marketplace pressures of “what are you getting for the ones you love?” Its frantic “get-it-while-it-lasts” message — is really about a quiet birth. And, amazingly, this quiet birth is really about the saving of the world! God wrapped and sent his most precious gift. His Son — our salvation, wrapped in our flesh and in the arms of a young woman who said Yes.
And the shocking thing — it’s not what anybody asked for or wanted! No warrior on a steed to conquer the empire. No king in a chariot to overthrow the government. A baby, who would grow and suffer and die — and redeem the human race.
So perhaps Christmas isn’t getting what we want – it’s receiving what we need.
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