Firm Foundation

I drove out to Truro yesterday, about 40 minutes-plus with traffic the way it is now. I clean a house that is over 300 years old. It’s a beautiful spot on a hillside and the house is lovely with wide floor boards and antique furniture.  It seems like every time I go there’s a new little buckle in the floor or crack in the ceiling. But it’s amazing that after 300 years it still stands and nothing has actually fallen apart. The foundation is literally tree trunks and stumps – huge and sturdy. Everything creaks and shifts but there is a sense of stability that allows the creaks to be added charm rather than cause for concern. I’m sure someday it will need major work, but for now, it stands firm. 
There’s something to be said for building on a firm foundation. The creaks and cracks can be tended to without having to rebuild the whole house.
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