100 Years of Cleaning

by Faithful Friar

Many visitors to our bell tower comment on its cleanliness, which is in part because the tower is relatively new, and also because we clean it. I mentioned to a friend about how often I hear ringers comment on the tower’s cleanliness, and she responded, “The question will be, what will they say in 100 years?”

I was thinking about 100 years of cleaning while power washing the porphyry stone floor in preparation to re-seal later this week. The trick is, I’m not expecting any of us will be here to be sure things are spic and span in 2117. Not to mention, there is actually quite a bit to do right now, this year, today even.

All this cleaning isn’t something that can be done all at once. As with so many things in life, the only way to do it is bit by bit, a little at a time. Hopefully we can make it a habit for generations.

Here are a few pictures from our cleaning times this weekend — a few angles we don’t get to see very often!

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About Faithful Friar

I am a 20+ year member of the Community of Jesus Brotherhood, so I live in the Friary with the other vowed brothers along with any novices or combination of guest/ resident men – young or old – who may be with us at any given time. Our vows are the same as any simple or solemnly professed Community member, with the addition of consecrated celibacy and poverty. I moved here shortly out of high school to study music for a summer. At the end of that summer I chose to stay here as a CJ member. Shortly thereafter I knew another change was needed, and asked to be accepted into the brotherhood first as a postulant, later as a novice. My life in the Brotherhood involves a variety of occupations, but they are centered on the continual service of prayer and praise in our church and on the outreach ministries springing from that service. This means manual labor as well as ongoing study and training: theological, musical, technical/ scientific, artistic, historical, philosophical, etc. Sometimes this involves teaching others, so that is part of our life too. It’s a life of poverty and yet full of hidden riches.

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