The Community of Jesus

The Community of Jesus is an ecumenical Christian community in the Benedictine monastic tradition whose mission is to be a faithful witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to glorify God through worship, the common life, and the creative arts. The 230 professed Community members come from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds and occupations, and include celibate brothers and sisters, married couples, and single adults.

  • In Memoriam — Marguerite D. Leonard

    Fell asleep in the Peace of God on the 30th of March, 2014, in the 97th year of her life, and 29 years after her solemn profession.

  • News Bulletin

    Come aside for a quiet day of refreshment and reflection during the season of Lent. March 12: Silence; March 19: Love; March 26: Fear; April 2: The Holy Spirit. Lauds at 7:30 AM through Lunch, ending at 5:00pm. email:

  • Daily Reading

    “You are clean, but not all of you.” Today, the Lord alerts us to the self-sufficiency that puts a limi... READ MORE